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Wholesale Real Estate Deals is exactly what we do. If you are looking to acquire deeply discounted investment properties by way of wholesale real estate deals, feel free to join our buyers list so that you can purchase any property we have under contract. We currently market in the St. Louis, St. Charles, North St. Louis County, West St. Louis County and most surrounding metropolitan areas in Missouri. Our goal is to become the boots-on-the-ground in Missouri for investors nationwide. We would love to connect with you. We are looking to expand our buyers list to serious real estate investors who can close in 7 days or less with all cash.

wholesale real estate deals
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Wholesale Real Estate Deals At Less Than 60% Of ARV

We are always marketing for good deals and strive to only put the best property deals under contract. We understand that what some people call a deal isn’t even really a deal, so we utilize multiple marketing methods such as bandit signs, Google Adwords, organic SEO, driving for dollars and other methods to keep wholesale real estate deals in our pipeline. Then we screen those deals to get an accurate ARV, accurate repair cost (line for line with SKU’s when possible), and start the bidding process by asking the seller “How much are you looking to walk away with?”, while using 80% of MAO (maximum allowable offer) as our threshold to never cross. In addition, while marketing through direct mail we focus on owners with at least 30% of equity or more. We tend to focus on marketing and negotiations to secure the best deals for our end buyers while maintaining integrity to create win-win situations for all parties involved.

Wholesale Real Estate Deals

Help Us To Help You

If you are on this page then you are looking to acquire investment properties in St. Louis Missouri and surrounding metropolitan areas and we’d like to help you with that. We understand that some out-of-state investors need boots-on-the-ground in order to be their eyes and ears outside their native market. In order to facilitate that process we’d like to get to know you and your investment criteria better. By joining our buyers list you will be directed to a few brief questions so that we can make your investment journey as smooth as possible. The more we know about what properties you like to acquire the easier it will be for us to match a property to your investment criteria and help maximize your ROI.

Your Journey Is Our Journey

We would like to extend this opportunity for connecting with us in order to help you to successfully reach your real estate investing goals. One of the ways we can do this is that when you take the time to join our buyers list and answer a few questions, that you keep in mind that the more we know about your investment criteria, the easier it will be for us to facilitate you in reaching your objectives. In the following paragraph we have provided a few examples. There will be a note section at the end of our form were you can let us know any additional information about the type of properties you prefer.

Zip Codes

One of the most important things we’d like to know is what zip codes you prefer to invest in, or more specifically, what zip codes (or area’s) you’d prefer to stay away from since that list is usually much smaller. For example, most ‘house-flippes’ with a fix-and-flip exit strategy prefer to stay away from war zones, and only target zip codes with nice school distracts and low crime. But on the other hand, there are plenty of ‘rental landlords’ with a buy-and-hold exit strategy that are very comfortable investing in semi-war zones that only have little to no violent crimes. And yet still there are ‘section-8’ landlords who will sometimes literally buy property anywhere. There are real estate wholesale deals and opportunities in every zip code and we’d like to know your preference so that we don’t waste your time presenting deals to you that you’ll have no interest in.

Single Family, Multi-Family, Apartments

In our market single family homes with basements are the norm. Some out of state investors may not be use to that if they aren’t familiar with the area. I have come across investors who buy at tax auctions online just based off the zip code alone, and have no idea what the inside of the property even looks like. There are also a ton of multi-family units (2 family flats and 4 family flats) in south St. Louis city and south county. In fact it is the norm out there. Not to mention apartments, condo’s, and lofts. It would help if you let us know which ones you are comfortable with. and once again, this boils down to your investment criteria.

Level Of Rehab

From paint and carpet, to gutting a building to the foundation and studs, to adding on room additions and deck additions. It’s very important that you tell us what you can handle. What is your level of rehab? That’s why for the most part we have included most of these questions in the brief form you fill out when you join our buyers list. But we would like you to also consider leaving us a brief note at the end of that list to further elaborate on which houses you prefer.

How Much Would You Like To Make

Last but not least we definitely need to know how much money you usually like to make on a house flip/deal. The average property investor expects to make no less than $20,000 (I’ve met some comfortable with just $15k), but there are others that want to earn as much as $30,000 or even more depending on what type of deal it is. With that being said, we have provided space at the end of our short form so that we can know your investment criteria to the best of our ability. But it’s up to you to provide the info.


Whatever pertinent details you think we need to know in order to allow us to present you with the best deals possible, we encourage you to add in the notes section at the end of our form. We utilize the latest technology and strive to present you with the best wholesale real estate deals in our market in the most professional manner possible. All you have to do is be detail oriented about what it is you want. Then communicate that detail to us. We do not want to end up sending 4 family flat wholesale deals in south St. Louis to someone that is only interested in single family houses in North St. Louis county. So let us know your preferences. We look forward to serving you. See you on the ‘Flipside’.


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