Real Estate Investment St Louis

Real Estate Investment St Louis Missouri is flourishing. Every time I look up an investor has rehabbed yet another house in my old neighborhood. If you are looking to acquire deeply discounted investment properties welcome aboard. It’s still a great time to invest. Don’t procrastinate and miss out on another good deal, Join our buyers list and get started today.

Why Real Estate Investment St Louis Is Unique

Real Estate Investment St Louis
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From single family residential properties in North St Louis County to 4 family and 2 family flats of South St Louis, real estate investing St Louis offers variety. South city is filled with multi family duplexes for house-hackers who’d like to live rent free. There are also plenty of single family residential homes in St. Charles and other surrounding areas with motivated sellers that are selling at deep discounts. We place multi-family units under contract in the south city area, as well as single-family residential houses in the North St Louis County, St Charles and other surrounding areas. So join our buyers list today for great wholesale deals with great ROI.

Marketing For Real Estate Investment St Louis

We use different marketing strategies to reach motivated sellers. We market through direct mail (yellow letters & post cards), bandit signs, as well as online organic and pay per click. In our direct mail campaign we target homeowners with at least 50% equity. But we also run campaigns using the ‘every-door’ postal system in targeted zip codes. We even physically hand out flyers and business cards while driving for dollars. We are not afraid to test different marketing ideas with different phone numbers and measure the results. Joining our buyers list will place you right in the center of this marketing funnel. Great deals delivered straight to your inbox. Any serious cash buyer searching for a good opportunity for real estate investment St Louis will eventually hear about us. We are continuously marketing everyday to connect motivated sellers with cash buyers for deeply discounted properties.

Real Estate Investment Math

We understand how important it is to get the numbers right in the due diligence phase of wholesaling properties. We don’t fudge the numbers to fatten our pockets on wholesale deals. Our primary concern is that our end buyers are happy with our deals. We want them to continue to acquire properties from us in the future. Whether it’s an assignment of contract or a double close, we want our list of cash buyers to hit their target ROI with laser precision. We look forward to hearing you ask, “Do you have anymore deals!?” 🙂 ‘Therefore it’s absolutely paramount for us to run good comps to get the ARV correct and calculate repair costs with precision. Our goal is to keep our MAO (maximum allowable offer to our sellers) between 35 and 50 cents on the dollar to leave our end buyers as much room as possible to achieve a profitable ROI. So join our buyers list and partake in the wealth accumulation, because other investors are grabbing these deals right now. We see real estate investment St Louis as a marketing funnel. With PropertyBuyersList.Com at the center.


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